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Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Centre - Lathi

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//Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Centre – Lathi

Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Centre - Lathi

Category : Health

Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Centre” – Lathi is administered by Shree Ramkrishna Welfare Trust since 2005 at native place Dudhala Village of Lathi, Gujarat. Three full-time M.B.B.S. doctors work in this medical Centre. Everyday about 300 patients from the nearby villages visit this center.

Various activities conducted by Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Centre – Lathi are:

  • To provide treatment and medicines at concessional rate from 2005 and so far, around 7,80,000 patients took help form it.
  • In the Medical Center’s Dental division, senior citizens are being provided free dental frames from 2015 onwards. So far, a total of 3,950 people have been helped.
  • Matru Shree Santokbaa Medical Center provides different types of blood reports as well as digital X-ray reports with the help of state of the art technology at concessional rates.
  • Indian Army personnel and their family are served free in the medical Center.
  • In the Opthalmology division, Glasses are distributed at concessional rate to the Seniors citizens.
  • On the second Sunday of every month, Camps for the operations of cataracts are arranged free of cost at “Laljidada no vadlo” by Ranchooddaas Bapu trust.
  • In the surrounding 34 villages of Lathi, the medical center provides treatment and medicines at very nominal fees with the use of mobile dispensary.

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