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Green initiative - Welcome Clearity Club

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//Green initiative – Welcome Clearity Club

Green initiative - Welcome Clearity Club

Category : Environment

In an effort to support the Green Revolution and promote cleanliness, SRK focuses on enhancing Surat’s image of being the Clean and Green city of our nation, and thereby promotes the idea of “Clean Surat and Green Surat”. With the same dream of the Municipal Commissioner of Surat- Mr. Rao of establishing Surat as “Green city” in the eyes of the world, Govind Dholakia and his friends formulated a group of members who hold a firm belief in this dream and are willing to work towards it as a voluntary service. The members of “Welcome Clearity Club” are known as “Green Commandoes”.

More than 250 Green commandoes carry out the cleanliness drive in a very unique way; each Sunday these commandoes gather at specific locations which are dirt prone, recite the national anthem and start the cleaning activity. The commandoes silently accomplish the cleaning activity and close the cleanliness drive by reciting the national anthem again. This was an exceptional tradition performed by Green Commandoes in order to keep Surat –“KhubSurat”.

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