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Relief Centre

Govind Dholakia used to attend satsang every night at Indravadanbhai’s home. One day, Govind Dholakia handed Rs 50,000 with a letter to Indravadanbhai and said “you should use this money for people in need.” Then Indravadanbhai responded on the same letter without wasting another paper that “Govindbhai your own workers around you, your people and their children need this money, so use the money for the education and health of those needy people.” And with this thought, the relief center was started.

In the year 1997, to help socially and economically deprived people “Relief Centre” was set up in the campus of V. N. Godhani English School. Here Govind Dholakia personally meets around 100 socially/economically challenged people daily. He personally guides who seeks medical, educational, social and other assistance. Govind Dholakia is always enthusiastic to help them for: Where and how to get the best medical treatment, help for education, guidance regarding employment. He always lends them a kind ear and wise words to help them out.

Moreover, here along with spirituality and inspiration, financial aid to 48,000 poor people for medical treatment and scholarships to more than 11,000 students are awarded for higher education and to study abroad.

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