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Lord Hanmanji Temple – Dang – Cultural Celebration

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//Lord Hanumanji Temple – Dang – A Cultural Celebration

Lord Hanmanji Temple – Dang – Cultural Celebration

Govind Dholakia and revered Pujya P. P. Swamiji were travelling by car once in August 2017. Govind Dholakia saw a statue of Lord Hanuman standing below a tree under the open sky. He did not feel this right and told Swamiji that “Our God put up like this does not seem right according to our culture”. Swamiji replied, “Such is the situation in the entire Dang district. There is a lot to be done, but who will do it? and how much to be done” Govindkaka said that the Lord has blessed us with a lot, and he would like do as much help as possible as a gesture to thank God. “If l do everything then I will feel proud so I contribute 50% of the cost as a collaborator; so we would have built this temple with all of us donors contributing.” In 2017, the inauguration of the first 6 temples was completed by hands of revered Pujya Morari Bapu. On March 24, 2019, the inauguration of other temples was done by the graceful hands of Pujya P. Swamiji. Under this program, work is going on in various villages of Dang like Jankhna, Seenband, Dhoomkal, Kotmadar, Vanaar, Ghogali, Umaria, Ukhriya, Borigaavtha, Maharaichond,Muranbi.

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