“I am Nothing but, I can do Anything.” -
Govind Dholakia
Biography: Govind Dholakia became the chairman of SRK in 1964 after dedicating his passion and hard work for diamonds. SRK - one of the leading diamond manufacturing unit in Surat, Gujarat (India) includes brands such as D.Goldi, A.Goldi, V.Goldi, R. Goldi, S.Goldi , J. Goldi Jewel Goldi (JGI) & The Jewellery Co.(TJC) with annual turnover of 4million USD. It has carved its niche in national as well as at international arena. Read More
gautamraj hindustani
Many Congratulations & Our best wishes to shri Govindbhai dholakiya for successful 50 golden years a
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Krunal Vanani Canada
Dear Sir, Thank U so much for changing millions of life in Diamond industry, though I am not related
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Pankaj Shah
Congratulations for your wonderful 50 years journey! You deserve what you achieved.... every star bl
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